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Detailed CV for Nigel Bromley


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Milton Keynes

Retired 2023..

Now properly retired.

FFEI Ltd 2017..2023

After a short retirement I worked part-time on self-contained aspects of the inkjet printer projects, and on some early feasibility work on the life sciences side.

British Naturism 2014..2019

This was a volunteer position with the company representing Naturism in the UK. British Naturism was formed in 1964 to provide support for naturist clubs and to protect and advance Naturism as a health movement.

As Eastern Region Director I was responsible for representing naturists in the eastern part of the UK on the Executive Committee of BN, for driving policy decisions from the centre outwards, and for ensuring that internal communications worked. I also visited as many naturist events as I could, in my region and in the rest of the UK.

FFEI Ltd 2006..2016

FFEI was formed in 2006 by a management buy-out of Fujifilm Electronic Imaging.

I was employed as a Technical Integration Manager, working on industrial inkjet printers. My principal projects were the FFEI Graphium digital label press and before that the Caslon printing module for the Nilpeter FA-series label press. FFEI supplied the inkjet systems for these presses including their own mechanical, electronic, software and ink supply sub-systems, all based on Xaar 1001/1002 printheads and FFEI-branded UV ink. These were technically challenging projects, not so much in producing a working system as in solving the many problems relating to reliability and image quality that come from the interaction of printhead, ink and substrate.

I was also Integration Manager during the early stages of development of a modular printbar produced by FFEI for Xaar.

Fujifilm Electronic Imaging 1997..2006

From 1989 Crosfield became jointly owned by Fujifilm and Dupont. In 1997 Dupont sold their interest to Fujifilm and most of the assets and staff were transferred to a new company.

Consultant up to 1999; then Technical Integration Manager.

Crosfield Electronics 1984..1997

Principal Electronic Engineer up to 1990; then Consultant.

An important part of this phase of my development was learning techniques for consensual, multi-disciplinary concept generation and design. They can be used to develop an efficient project team without conflict, they reduce the risk of clearly wrong design decisions, they foster right first time. Often such processes are accused of wasting time. The scanner projects I worked on at Crosfield demonstrated that this is just not the case, and some more recent projects where the systematic approach has been maligned and ignored have shown what can be lost.

Jeaborough 1981..1984

Jeaborough was a small design consultancy based in Milton Keynes. In its short life it created many products demonstrating how productive a small focused team can be. Those that I was involved with extensively were:

Decca Radar 1975..1981

This was the part of Decca Radar that specialised in military products for the UK and other governments. My contributions were:


University of Bristol 1972..1975. BSc in Physics (1). Stage III Project Prize for project on Oscillatory Magnetostriction in Zinc and Antimony.

Kingston Grammar School 1963..1972. O-levels in Mathematics (1); Further Mathematics (3); English Language (1); English Literature (3); French (4); Latin (2); Physics (1); Chemistry (1); Biology (1); History (6). A-levels in Physics (A); Chemistry (A); Mathematics (A). S-level in Physics (1).

Various summer holiday jobs working for Decca Radar.

Patents and applications

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