Military Cross citation 1945-01-19

Capt BROMLEY commands a S.Rg. Tp.
P.M. on 2.NOV.44 he was ordered to deploy his Tp. as
quickly as possible to locate guns which were shelling our
tps. NORTH of ROOSENDAAL (D 72. 31).
Despite enemy shelling, cratered and mined roads he, by
his determination, personal disregard of danger and
example, had his Tp. deployed by that evening. This job
was done in far less time than is normally required and
had a great effect in silencing the enemy guns.
Again on 6.NOV.44 (a.m.) he was ordered to deploy his Tp.
in the ZEVENBERGEN (D 83. 43) area to stop shelling
taking place in that area. On going forward to reconnoitre
he found the area still covered with enemy mines. It was
essential that his Tp. should be in action as soon as
He, therefore, lead all his microphone parties out to their
positions, personally checking the ground as he went.
After this, he lead the two advanced post parties through
the various minebelts, and placed them near to the banks
of R. MAAS. Infantry fighting was still going on in this
area and Capt. BROMLEY at one point found himself in front of our infantry.
After some time, but before dark, he was able to find suitable postitions
for these parties.
Again, by his determination, example and disregard of personal risks, he
was able to ensure the best C.B. measures being available to stop casualties
to our tps.
Since landing on D day, Capt. BROMLEY has consistently displayed the same
high standard of conduct and his personal efforts and example have
contributed in a marked degree to the counter battery efforts of this
regt. and I Corps.