2023 Mon and Brec Canal




The boat Kidwelly Castle from Castle Narrowboats at Gilwern. At Llangattock.




A sign of the times on this trip: many pubs have gone, or hang on with restricted opening times. Here is what was the Lion in Govilon; the remaining Bridgend Inn opened only in the evening.




However, those pubs that continued to serve meals were doing well and we had some excellent food; this was at the Beaufort in Gilwern.




Nearly every bridge was crooked and awkward, this one, though it looks tight, was one of the easiest, almost a straight line path.




One of several cute carved benches.




A cygnet taking a ride.




Terminus. Moored in the Theatre Basin at Brecon.




Through a half-concealed entrance off a steep track was this little herb garden celebrating the 17th century doctor Henry Vaughan; very peaceful and quiet enough for a little sunbathing.




Lots of cute and almost unspoilt Welsh villages. Apart from the yellow lines.




Excellent views nearly everywhere. This one shows just how high up the canal is. Near Llanfoist.




Lots of heritage preserved in explanatory boards and here some reconstructed wagons from the tramways leading up and down from the wharf at Llanfoist.




Where we turned at the southern end, Llanfoist wharf. Who decided to put that glass front just where you want to aim the bow to turn?




The first lock on the return. Notice my old windlass lying there having completed its last job; I carelessly left it behind at the water point by the aqueduct around the corner.




Crew: Cath, nib, Kath.




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