2022 Rhine




MS Geoffrey Chaucer seen across the Moselle at Bernkastel




Cocktails in the lounge




Cruising in the sunshine




Two boats in a big Moselle lock at Zeltingen




Many very low bridges on the Moselle, this the lowest with wheelhouse lowered as far as it will go, aerials and radar masts folded, rear sun deck cleared, and it just fits. We were reversing into Bernkastel so this is looking backwards over the bow




Looking back from the boat towards Boppard




Several superb ice-creams




Summary of the scenery, castles and vineyards, here in the same shot




A more impressive castle




Cologne cathedral




The last night dinner




Procession of the staff at the end, Hotel Manager Marija Venus, Captain Cornelius Von Eck and second Captain




Last night place setting




We were there




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