2019 Guernsey




Condor Liberation, the trimaran car ferry that took us there, going out of St Peter Port mid-week




Le Petit Maison on the right, the owner's house on the left. To get in you had to pull into the bay in the foreground, reverse across the road blind into the narrow gateway, then turn the car into a little bay on the left, where you can just see the front of the car




And there's the faithful Leon tucked into its spot




Rousse, the west side of Grand Havre on the north of the island. Like nearly every beach and bay, there is a Martello tower, a bog and a snack kiosk somewhere close




Everywhere is relaxed and trusting, local produce on sale with honesty boxes is seen everywhere, no-one seems to care about leaving their stuff on the beach while they swim




The Little Chapel in the Les Vauxbelets valley. Just about big enough to stand up in, with three chapels on descending levels. Decorated with broken china and shells and generally gorgeous, it has only recently been saved from structural collapse




St Peter Port harbour




Petit Bôt Bay, on the south coast. A tiny sandy bay, less than 100 metres wide between cliffs, with the inevitable Martello tower, bog and cafe




Petit Bôt Bay looking the other way, out to sea




Baie de la Jaonneuse, another tiny but perfectly-formed beach on the north coast. Lots of fine white sand but also craggy rocks that appear as the tide goes out. This was taken on a toy camera, a Fujifilm Q1, and has a striking but false colour effect




Baie de la Jaonneuse again, we waited hours for the tide to go out far enough to get to this rock




Baie de la Jaonneuse, sunbathing spot out of the wind at the back of the beach




Interior of La Petit Maison




Attic bedroom, with the unusual split level floor, care needed for nocturnal visits




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