2015 Beauvais d'en Bas




The hire Polo outside La Belle Fermette wih the barn on the left




The sitting area with old oven, wood burner and Sky TV




The entrance to La Belle Fermette








One of many posh houses and châteaux in the area




Just along from the gîte an old railway converted to a track with ramps down from both sides




Church in St Marcel, a medieval bit above Argenton; it was completely deserted but ran an automated light show guiding the visitor around




Paused on a drive around




That's what a walnut looks like on the tree




The cottage had a couple of puzzle boxes which appear not to open until you find the trick, this was a 4-stage one




The spooky dark and dusty barn alongside the gîte




The sun shone now and again, that afternoon I was in and out three times between the showers




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