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em - Emphasis

strong - Stronger emphasis

code - Display an HTML directive

samp - Include sample output

kbd - Display a keyboard key

var - Define a variable

dfn - Display a definition

cite - Display a citation

blockquote Although the standard filter disk, with red, green and blue sectors, will be acceptable in most markets, other variants will be needed. French users will insist on red, white and blue, which appears to be feasible, though colour accuracy is more difficult to achieve. German users will prefer red, black and gold filters; this presents a significant risk, as research has so far not produced a black filter with acceptable transmission characteristics.
b - Bold font

i - Italics

u - Underline

tt - Typewriter font

  1. Ordered list p1
    1. 2nd order
      1. 3rd order
  2. Ordered list p2
term: Hello
definition: Greeting
term: Hiya
definition: Another greeting

Another paragraph

  • First item in menu
  • Second item in menu
  • First item in dir
  • Second item in dir that is longer than 20
  • Within document link

    I don't think tables work in lynx or netscape ...

    This is a line break -->
    <-- was it?
    Horizontal ruling..

    Paragraph with align set to various settings...

    This paragraph has align=centre in the 'p' tag at the start of it, though the HTML guide for v2 suggests that this tag marks the end of a paragraph. Perhaps this system is for HTML 3 only? Another plain 'p' tag coming up at the end.

    A string with 'centre' spelt the American way around it.

    (Centre (center) appears to work on Netscape, not on Lynx.)