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Free software

The software here has been written by me, and is offered with no warranties! Free for any non-commercial use.

'Z' is a fast pager for viewing text files on IBM-compatible PCs. It is based on the Unix 'less' utility. It has a least-recently-used cache system to achieve high-speed scrolling, can handle enormous files, has a hex mode, and can save bookmarks in an auxiliary file. Indispensible for anyone, like me, who works with DOS on a less-than-mega machine!
Download 48k zip file with Turbo C source.
Download 110k zip file with source (32-bit protected mode version for 386 and above).

This package contains Unix look-alike utilities for DOS: ls, rm, wc and df, with sources: Download 41k zip file.

Here is some Forth. There are two parts to this package: the binary of a Forth interpreter for PC (an old PD Forth modified and extended to make it useful on a modern PC), and the source of a complete Forth interpreter written in Forth, for CP/M !. Download 49k zip file.

And here is more Forth - a portable Forth written in C. This is completely original, and has been used on PC (in 16- and 32-bit forms) as well as Sun Sparc and 68340 embedded processor. Download 68k zip file.

If you try one of these Forths and get stuck, e-mail me or call (number on home page).

Lastly, a piece of personal nostalgia: a model of my first decent calculator, an HP-25. Download 88k zip file with source for PC or ANSI terminal.

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