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Leeds and Liverpool, spring 1985

Where has all the water gone?

A 1-week trip from Snaygill Boats near Skipton, going only as far as Hapton. Total about 65 miles and 44 locks.


Sat 1985-04-13 {11324}
Start of 1-week Leeds & Liverpool trip. Today we just pottered into Skipton as the weather was bad, arranging to meet the boatyard man at the first lock tomorrow.
Sun 1985-04-14 {11325}
Lunch stop at the Anchor at Gargrave. Eve by br 161, East Marton, by the Cross Keys.
Mon 1985-04-15 {11326}
Lunch stop just before Foulridge Tunnel. Eve stop on Burnley Embankment.
Tue 1985-04-16 {11327}
Turn between brs 118 and 117, and end up below Barrowford Locks.
Wed 1985-04-17 {11328}
Lunch back at Foulridge, after the tunnel. Eve at br 151, Salterforth.
Thu 1985-04-18 {11329}
Lunch back at br 161, East Marton. Eve back at the Anchor at Gargrave. This pound was leaking. We noticed when we came back to the boat during the evening, but we put up with a sloping boat overnight.
Fri 1985-04-19 {11330}
Pound almost empty, and eventually, via the boatyard, we got some Waterways assistance. The man claimed that someone must have left a paddle open, but the next pound below was also low, so this theory seemed a bit lame. Into Skipton and stayed there for lunch and eve.
Sat 1985-04-20 {11331}
Back to the boatyard, and home.

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